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Florence County Recycling Program

Florence County has transitioned to single-stream recycling for selected items at its drop-off recycling centers. The co-mingled recyclables are hauled to Horry County's Materials Recycling Facility (MRF - rhymes with Smurf) where they are separated by type for recycling.

The following items may all be recycled together:
Paper (includes newspapers and inserts, junk mail, magazines, phone books, and office paper)
Cardboard (includes corrugated cardboard; paperboard, e.g. cereal boxes; and brown paper)
Plastic containers of all types, #1-7 (Plastic bags, cutlery, and Styrofoam are not accepted for recycling. If you collect your recyclables in plastic bags, please remove the bags when placing recyclables in the bins.)
Metal cans and aluminum pans and trays (but not sheets of aluminum foil)
Glass containers (green, brown, and clear - no Pyrex or ceramics)

The items above can be recycled together even though some bins are still labeled for separate commodities.

The items below are not part of the single-stream collection. They must be kept separate. Other items accepted at the drop-off centers are:
Scrap metal
White goods
Brown goods
Yard waste
Lead-acid batteries
Electronic waste
Waste oil

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