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The Initiative

Safeguarding Democracy: Quest for a More Diverse Judiciary
The League of Women Voters continues to work to promote the importance of fair and impartial courts nation-wide. During the years 2009-2011, the League focused on promoting diversity at all levels of the state judiciary to enhance the legitimacy of our system of justice in the eyes of an increasingly diverse public. (Click on logo at left more more information and updates.)

Florence Area News and Events

November 22, 2010: Politics Threaten Judicial System

November 29, 2010: Panel discussion at Frances Marion University on the "State of Diversity in the South Carolina Judiciary." Speakers: Dr. Alissa Warters, Federal Judge Terry Wooten, and Representative Terry Alexander. Moderator: Constance Anastapoulo Forum Addresses State of Judicial Diversity in South Carolina

January 31, 2011: Co-sponsored with Darlington County LWV, discussion of judicial selection and diversity with State Senator Gerald Malloy of Hartsville, who spoke about a portion of the legislative agenda for 2011 (specifically, his bill that would nearly triple the amount of money the state's court system would receive from South Carolina's General Fund). Leagues of Women Voters Plan Joint Meeting